The Unplugged Woodshop




The Unplugged Woodshop






Derek Jones, Editor of Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine

…Highly recommended…

…Fidgen convincingly demonstrates that if life is a story, going unplugged is one good way of “writing our own chapters.”…

…Woodworkers, whether or not they are already embracing the use of hand tools, will find this book refreshing and inspiring…


Nick Gibbs, Editor of British Woodworking Magazine

…his projects are brilliant in that they actually fulfill a need…

…his Gentleman’s Valet, as featured on the cover, is a piece of genius, combining coat hanger, trouser rail, shelf for stuff and drawer for more stuff…

…These are stylish ideas driven by function as well as form, and inventive and clever…


Paul Mayon of The New English Workshop

…This book is big, beautifully illustrated and the projects are mouthwateringly enticing. Like all those who ‘do woodworking properly‘ Tom Fidgen shows the value of making…

…‘I love Chris Schwarz, he’s like the American version of Tom Fidgen’. Canadians get it, Americans roll their eyes and we British are still waiting for the punchline…

…Why is Tom Fidgen one of the best selling woodworking authors on the planet?… Because he makes you want to prop his book up in the workshop and start building…


Product Description


00_FIDGENFinalFrontCoverUnplugged – no power tools needed! For the growing number of woodworkers who are opting out of power tools and returning to hand tools, The Unplugged Woodshop is a refreshing concept and a welcome change. Written by custom furniture maker and hand tool expert Tom Fidgen, this new book promises to be as successful as his first book, Made by Hand.


Handcrafted projects with a distinctly retro look. Recycling designs from our not-so-distant past, this collection of projects has been repurposed for use today and includes:


  • A classic library card catalog converted to use as kitchen storage
  • A medicine chest that does double duty as a four-bottle wine tote
  • A gentleman’s classic valet that becomes an elegant clothing stand


Get some useful pointers from a popular blogger. Founder of, Tom offers savvy advice for working with and sharpening hand tools. He also delves into glues, finishes, and even how to make hand tools using only hand tools.


Visual inspiration. Practical instruction. The Unplugged Woodshop takes you on a fascinating adventure back to a simpler time when everything was made by hand. It’s a refreshing experience that takes you far away from today’s hi-tech, fast-moving world. And it shows you how to handcraft some handsome projects you’ll find satisfaction in making – whether or not you choose to use only hand tools!







Made By Hand














Popular Woodworking Books:

Top 10 Woodworking Books Sold in 2010: As we’re wrapping up 2010, any good company takes a look at what products sold well during the year. We’re doing the same, and it’s an interesting mix of the ten top-selling books of the last year. The list tells us what our readers are interested in, and what it may tell you is what books you may be just as interested in reading. Starting from #10, the list is as follows:

#1 – Made By Hand
And our number one title is a book all about building furniture without power tools. Dedicated to the woodworker who has decided to build with traditional hand tools, this title shows how to use the tools, and how to build contemporary furniture with traditional tools. – David Thiel, Popular Woodworking

“The definitive book of how to build woodworking projects using hand tools.”
“While there are a number of books on hand tools for woodworkers that provide information about hand tools and their individual uses, no one has put these tools to use on a project. In that regard, this book is unique and will fit in perfectly with the rapidly expanding category of hand-tool woodworking. The six projects and companion DVD offer excellent views of the hand tools in use, and the critical body positioning necessary.”
Popular Woodworking


Learn the simplicity of using hand tools, while you build!

Traditional woodworking using hand tools can offer a more satisfying relationship with the wood and the creative woodworking process. It’s quieter, cleaner and maybe even a little spiritual. It’s no surprise that many “plugged-in” woodworkers are returning to the roots of this treasured skill. Where some hand-tool books focus solely on the use of hand tools, Made By Hand takes you right to the bench and shows you how to start building furniture using these tools.

By working through the six projects in this book, you’ll learn the basics of hand-tool woodworking and how to use the tools effectively and efficiently, then add joinery skills and design complexity. The accompanying DVD includes valuable insight into the tools themselves and a look at the techniques that make these tools work so well.

If you’re interested in hand tools, start here!



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