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X-Skews Me…

Well, well- look what we have here…a brand new (right handed) skew block plane from Veritas. Now you’re probably thinking ‘not another skewed plane’ or ‘isn’t it the same as the original Stanley 140 or the Lie Nielsen skew block?’ the answer is ‘yes’- and….well- ‘no’.

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The New 140 Plane

I received a letter from Robert Troup and wanted to share it with you.

In these days of hand tool revolution with all of the high end, boutique products on the market it was refreshing to see this kind of ingenuity.

Thanks again Robert.


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The devil in the details

few months back I wrote a review for Canadian Woodworking Magazine on some low-angle block planes. One of the planes was the new Veritas DX 60, I had been using it for a few weeks at the time of the article and I think I might have made a comment that it wasn’t the most comfortable plane in the lot but excelled everywhere else I could see.

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