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pipers chair

pipers chair in front of war-drōbe…she thinks this may be a good place to live…she’s only 4 years old. i think it may be a good place to live too- i’m not 4 years old.

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Backsaws- this is what you need to know!

Last week I received some samples of the new line of Back Saws from Bad Axe Tool Works in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Mark sent me two of his new 14″ Sash saws, two of the new 12″ carcase saws as well as ‘The Beast master’ – his new and even larger 18″ rip saw that comes with a thicker saw plate (at .0315) and has a full 5″ under the back.

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Ripsaw Revelation

Hey Tom,

This last summer (of 2010), I purchased your book “Made By Hand”, and found it to be quite inspirational. You see, I had just begun a cabinet-making and joinery apprenticeship through a technical trade school. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at school, but as I entered the field, I found there to be a prejudice against working wood by hand. If there was some form of…

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working wood…

it’s been pretty busy around the wood shop and i’m getting closer and closer to some new projects i’m looking forward to sharing with everyone –

something soon i hope !

from saw benches to wood classes, magazine articles and new CD promotion followed with another wave of wood classes and magazine articles and new…

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When the Bow breaks

Not so long ago I took apart my bow saw to transport it and when I reassembled it and put tension back on –
; (


always right in the middle of a project.

Well, I better fix it.
It went something like this.

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THE Dovetail Saw

If you’ve been reading my blog here you already know the Bad Axe dovetail saws have been in the works for the past year or so and it’s no secret Mark Harrell and I have been fans of each others work for a few years now. If you click through the ‘Hand Saws’ tab over there in the sidebar you’ll find…

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