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So my latest project was installed last week and I’m doing a bit of R&D these past few days on stage two of the design but wanted to mention these new little planes being offered by Veritas here in Canada.

Detail Rabbet Plane by Veritas

The Detail Rabbet Planes were introduced in February and if you’re like me you probably noticed little blurbs and reviews popping up here and there around the internet. Being a hand tool user, I always take new product reviews with a grain of salt because I’m well aware that most of those people you see out there doing these hand tool reviews haven’t actually used the tools other than perhaps those  ‘incredibly demanding and rigorous-work-shop- tests‘ for at most, 10 minutes..??

Well thanks to the side table I just finished building, I  now feel I can give an honest opinion about this new line of miniature hand planes available at Lee Valley Tools.

The side table had three floating panels per side with rabbets wrapping around each one; that’s 48 rabbets cut in my usual method: I begin with my skew rabbet plane and  establish the width of the cut. I’ll usually take about half a dozen passes and then I prefer switching over to a shoulder plane to finish the job. From there, with a small chisel I would generally clean up any bits of waste, test fit and move onto the next but one area I found this new plane really handy was in the clean up and fine tuning stages of the operation.

The small size fits the hand and makes fine tuning a breeze.

It was easy to set the iron depth and because the plane sits so comfortably between your index finger and thumb, it was extremely well suited to fine tune the joinery. A few quick passes and test…not quite there? Another pass or two and we’re done.

Maple panels are rabbeted and ready to fit

The detail planes are available in different widths or can be purchased in sets of 3 or 5. You may prefer to pick up one at a time depending on the specific needs but I think you’ll find them useful in the wood shop.

Veritas logo is ‘Innovation in tools’ and once again they’re proving that to be true.