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Summer 2016.

Summer 2016.


When you put yourself into your work- your work has the potential of being great,

but only if you’re great.

So, the question is:

How do you become great?


you need to feel great.

If you feel great, you smell great, you even taste great then guess what?

You’re great !

When someone asks you how you’re doing today, what are you going to say?

I’m great!

But here’s the thing-

you have to really mean it.

Life isn’t good-

life is great.

So, how are you really doing?

let’s see….

If you eat well,

get enough rest,

welcome life and all the quirks that it brings.

Talk to your pets.

Laugh with your kids.

Love your partner.

Smile at the sun.

Appreciate each moment and be thankful for every day-

walk through the woods-

kick leaves,

listen to sweet music and take a moment to taste each and every bite.

Here’s a little secret-

You make yourself great.

Feel it and believe it.

You’re great because you do all that you do.

You’re great because no one else can do the things you do.

Be great.

You have a choice…


You have a choice to be great-

and when you put yourself into your work-

your work will be great too.

Great work comes from you-


Because you’re great.

( feel it )