In a world chock full of instant this and immediate that,

we’re constantly faced with fast paced distractions, consuming every second of every hour of every day.

When we eventually find a lull in the chaos, with nothing to do,

instead of just relaxing, taking a deep breathe and enjoying the moment,

we turn on the idiot boxes, the smart phones and the tablets;

we start browsing and consuming, and ignore the quiet opportunities we deserve and most definitely- need.


A good place to do nothing.

A great place to sit and do absolutely-  ‘nothing’.


Always checking in on the social media webs, to see if we’ve missed anything- a profile change, a tweet, or a snap shot.

God forbid, we missed an update from our favorite personality and didn’t hear what kind of sandwich they’re having for lunch.

When a quiet moment finally arrives, we should embrace the silence, and relish a few minutes away from it all~

a moment stolen, when we’re not actually doing or consuming, browsing and surfing.


I encourage you to try this-

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]

The next time you have a short break in your day, embrace it.

Do nothing.

[/inlinetweet]  ( Tweet that )

Do nothing and enjoy each and every second of it.

Concentrate on breathing.

Be in the moment.

Don’t ever feel guilty about doing nothing for a few minutes in your faced pace day,

’cause it’s ain’t gonna last !



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