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A Dedicated Sharpening Bench
Dovetailing with Sketch-Up

February 22, 2010

David Richards has a new post over at www.finewoodworking.com about drawing dovetails using a new plug in for Sketch-up.

Sketch Up shows me how dovetails would have looked like in the Dedicated Sharpening Bench.

Sitting here sipping my morning coffee and wondering what the hell happened to Brodeur last night in a painfull to watch game against the US, I was reading through my morning news and stumbled on a new post at fine woodworking.com.

I don’t yet use Sketch-up to design my work but I do hope to find some time this year to get more comfortable with the program. With so many great plug-ins and tutorials available, I really have no excuses other than the time to do it. This new plug-in for drawing dovetails sounded like an interesting post and to my surprise when I clicked on the link, the article used my sharpening bench as the example! How cool is that?

So if you’re a Sketch-up user and would like to check out this new plug-in demonstrated or if you’re planning on building your own version of my sharpening bench design, then this may help with some insight to some of the joinery involved. The irony is that I was originally planning on using dovetails for the drawer construction but due to my time line I decided to simplify the construction at the last minute and use rabbets.  Now I can see how they would have looked and it makes me wonder if David has the entire bench available as a Sketch-up model?

I’ll have to ask…cheers!

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