test fitting the dovetails- again one middle tail is left out...small details go a long way. not to mention the strongest joint possible for the required application...; )

There’s always something nice about delivering my latest pieces and having happy clients welcome new furniture into their lives.

We live with and we feel the things we choose to place in our own environments…this is our choice- the things we go out of our ways to get and when they enter into our worlds, through our front doors we expect them to adjust to their new surroundings and be at one with everything else around it.

blurry image after a blurry evening of doweling...these are oak dowels across a 12" span...the glue will make them swell inside the pre-drilled walnut planks-plenty strong for a book shelf.

this is furniture we’re talking about right?


it was nice to work with wide planks of walnut. some dovetails for absolute strength but placed as a decorative element to say hand made…no doubt about them- a little rough around the edges but hey- its been a busy month. pieces made by hand should say this in an honest way and in this case they do. dowel construction as well add strength while taking much less time than the dovetail joinery. these techniques work together where budget and time needs to be considered.

this is a book shelf.

it has three drawers for added utility- why not spend the weekend and make some half blind dovetails in curly maple with the walnut fronts..

again some dadoes down the drawer sides and they hang off of thin quarter sawn oak runners inside the carcass. this is much the same technique i used in the small side table with casters from a few months back as well as the sharpening bench i built. Look back for reference on how this drawer system works. it’s a great alternitive when you don’t have the luxury of web frames and additional carcass elements.

the last shot is from my clients facebook page this morning…looks like they found a place for some of their books- ; 0

with that, i have an album to finish !

stay warm…

some curly maple for the drawer sides and backs- might as well make the half blind dovetails stand-up when the drawers open-

I grabbed this off of my clients FACEBOOK page this mornng....looks like it's working-