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In and Around the Woodshop
Downtown Train…

September 8, 2011

‘Outside another yellow moon
punched a hole in the nighttime,
I climb through the window and down to the street
I’m shining like a new dime’

Downtown Train by Tom Waits…from the album Rain Dogs, 1985.

Kerfing plane R&D.

Hello to all-

I’m back in the big city and almost through the first week back to school. iTunes is singing me some Tom Waits this morning and I’m almost enjoying the cool air coming through this September window.

Almost like we never left !

With the summer but a still on an iPhone I’m ready to get back to the Queens Wharf cabinet as well as continue working out the details on the kerfing plane designs. I’m excited to get back into those projects and will keep you in the loop as they unfold.

Funny, leaving the city two months ago it was my intention to get to the East Coast and spend a few weeks working these things out out there. The Gorman Bench commission came and just like that, to the back burner they go. Paying customer comes first right?

With that I better get back it-

The next shot shows a view from the top of my brace. Here I’m boring out the waste to rough shape the plane body in some 4/4 cherry wood.

Kerfing plane in cherry- brace view.


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