The Acme Handsaw Filer. One of many, vintage sharpening vices at Bad Axe.

The Acme Handsaw Filer. One of many, vintage sharpening vices at Bad Axe Tool Works.


Well here it is, the aftermath from Day 05 at Sawlapalooza. If anything, I hope these short episodes gave you a glimpse inside a wonderful week, filled with new friends and fellow woodworkers. It was everything Mark and I could have hoped for… Yes, it was intensive, and yes, we all sweat our fair share, (buckets) but the truth is, everyone dug in deep and got all of the projects to a point where only cosmetics and aesthetics need to be finished in their own workshops at home.

This episode starts where the last one finished off, at the end of Day 05. To be perfectly honest with you, the week was so busy, that Mark and I really didn’t get much time to do much of anything outside of Sawlapalooza. I was hoping we’d be able to sit down and chat for a bit, in front of the camera, but that only happened while we were driving in his truck, on the first day I arrived and I didn’t think of pressing record on a camera! The week really flew by but we managed to get some footage around Bad Axe, along with some saw sharpening tips from the master himself~; )

When you watch this episode, watch closely how Mark holds his files, how he works his way along the tooth-line of the saw. Between this footage and his free saw sharpening articles available on the Bad Axe website, you should be able to piece some quality advice together, and try saw sharpening yourself at home. Saw sharpening is definitely a lost art, but it’s very doable if you take the time to learn and practice.

I’m forever grateful to my friend and colleague, Mark Harrell, for working with me for these past eight years. This week was a culmination of all of our work and those years, and I’m confident it was well received by all who attended. We’re already talking about the next time we do this, but you’ll have to wait awhile to hear about the details. Stay tuned….

…and enjoy~