Details... the Cloud City Side Server. Unplugged Summer 2009-2016.

Details… the Cloud City Side Server. Unplugged Summer 2009-2016.


Hi folks!

Welcome back to Cape Breton Island, and our last episode for this 2016, Unplugged Summer series. As I mentioned in the last episode, this episode is all about the ‘Cloud City’ side server, a small project I made back in the summer of 2009. It’s still one of my favourite designs due to the way it came together and the modern aesthetic of the form.

Before you watch this episode, I recommend you go back through these Unplugged Summer posts from 2009- when I originally made the server. There you’ll see how this project started with a single plank of mahogany, with nothing in mind- no form and no design. I started with a box and it organically grew from there. There’s also a few tips on shooting boards, flattening bench tops and using panel gauges in these older posts- so take a few minutes, go through the four journal posts, and then press play on today’s episode to get the full story behind the Cloud City Side Server!