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The dovetails are penciled in…


Hey folks!

We’re back on the workbench cabinet and ready to begin the joinery.

Through dovetails.

Fast, simple and strong.

But wait….after years of cutting traditional dovetails, I sometimes enjoy switching it up and laying out alternate patterns. Especially in a scenario like this, where in all honesty I could have used butt joints and the cabinet would be just as strong. The lower carcase on the workbench is robust and completely holds the sides, top and bottom of the cabinet in place.

Seeing as strength isn’t a critical element in the design, I decided to make the layout a little more interesting.

In this case, dovetails.

Let me explain-

The layout of mine are inspired by an actual dove’s tail…sounds strange but if you think about a classic through dovetail joint, you’ll find that each of the individual dovetails along an edge of the jointed area looks like a dove’s tail. ie:


  \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /   


( Well, sort of…I can’t change the angles on my keyboard-; )

  \ \    \  \   \     /   /  /    / /   

If you remember, mine are laid out off a center point and appear a little different as the entire width of the end panel looks like the dove’s tail, not each individual component of the joint.


Just for fun!

The dove’s tail.

And this,

was a dove tale.