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Cherry table parts? When did this happen?

Well wouldn’t you know it…

Judging by the sheer lack of screen time lately, my sincere apologies… Unplugged indeed. These past few weeks…er…. What?!,…it’s been almost three months since we moved !!?  When did that happen? …), yet still, 10 weeks later, inside this new space, recording and editing hasn’t come easy. James asked a few weeks ago about the new space and workflow and to be honest, it’s been a bit of a challenge. I know I missed a couple of questions but promise to answer in the coming episodes. Speaking of episodes, I almost forgot to mention the f@cking so called technology!@#$%^&*()!!!! 

Ten weeks indeed, well what can be said?

From Apple updates and darker, desert screens, to new iMovie glitches ( an extra two hours to download and begin to learn Final Cut who?! ) and then to add insult to injury, WordPress also updated and there’s a new backend interface/builder-thingy that’s well, also new….they moved some buttons! ( the horror. ) but I digress. Final Cut wasn’t too bad to stumble through and although this first kick at the can is a little rough, I’m sure with a little time spent, it’ll become much smoother and more intuitive….AI you know…it’s coming, just not in the hand tools yet. (-) and although there’s no AI in today’s rant, it’ll all get a little smoother, just like the cherry in this episode-; ) !

But before we get into it, let me just tell you about the weeks end. You’ll notice the Shure microphone I’ve been using these past 6 months also stopped working…but that was more like 8 days ago now and I’m just catching up?!…this past Monday to Friday was the last week of the Artisan program and I couldn’t be happier with how things went…..and no doubt will still go. We tend to keep in touch, those amazing people, all individual and inspiring.

Did I mention that we had a full house yesterday for our last weekend class of the season? It was a Finishing Bootcamp and is always so much fun to experience. New woodworkers seeing what a sharp card scraper and a little beeswax and polissoir can do to some curly maple. A little French Polish on some walnut, some vinegar and steel wool on some white oak. A little red milk paint thrown on the back for good measure. Varnish/oil oil/varnish and paste wax on top of it all, like a Frankincense scented cherry on top.

New friends, new projects… new countries?

Inside of all that and how busy things are here at the shop, I have a family who loves me and we still manage to spend two to four “quality” hours together everyday and thankfully, at the ripe old age of 12 and 14, our kids still like being with us…and um, er..each other, and ahh anyone. ( I hope ! lol -; ) And of course at this time of year, with all of the school performances ( very proud Daddy over here -; ) and winter recitals, shows, plays, concerts…yes, believe it or not we usually have something going on for three to five nights a week. ( Greenwood Wednesday’s you’ll know where to find me…)  what more can be said? This past week or ten has been a burr…I mean, blur! Ha!

Carolyn, Nelson, Piper and I are stepping on an airplane this Thursday for the adventure of a lifetime….the four of us, working for a week, volunteering in Guatemala. With of course an extra few extra days tagged on the front and back of that week to explore what looks like from the outside, an amazing country full of amazing people and history.  Throw the coming Holiday Season into the mix and New Years as well and….well, you get the idea. It’s truly been an amazing ten weeks. The move as you’re all well aware was frantic and stressful but thankfully the crew here at the UW helped keep the walls from crumblin’ down.  ( uh-huh ) and the Artisans this term did truly inspired work.

So..that said, a cherry harvest table?

As you’ll see in the episode, it’s a quick, 36 hour commission before the break. Ed, a local homeowner in the neighbourhood is also a woodworker. He contacted me about three weeks ago and asked if we would tackle this project before the Holidays. He already had the legs turned ( he did them himself ), and if I’m not mistaken, he said he was building or, has already built, the chairs to go with it. So the short of it is ( too late for that? ) Justin and I are going to do some dry mortise and tenons today and tomorrow with a few additional steps to bring it all together. Ed wants the table to come apart and asked if we could use mechanical hardware on the inside corners instead of any glue. That makes sense for his application and will leave options for him down the road. The mortise and tenons can always be glued later. It’ll be finished for the Holidays, and that’s the main thing he wanted. More oil and even edge applications are possible. 

So there you have it. Oct. 9th – Dec. 17th.

A little hectic eh?

I’ll be recording as I journey into Central America where we’ll visit the oldest known and largest Mayan ruin site on the planet. And at the end of the work week, and another short flight across Guatemala, we’ll find some local Artisans on the shores of Lake Atitlan, in the foothills of volcanoes, ( two active you say ?! )..  then we’ll welcome the new year together and before you know it, we’ll be back here at the UW in three weeks time.

Thanks for watching and keep in mind, before the next session begins in January, I’m going to solve the lighting and audio issues and set up the studio again here at the shop!! You’ll notice in the episode the pine box shelves are closer and I brought up the vinyl! A little Waterboys in the middle of the episode and still one of my favorite albums, Fisherman’s Blues. At the end of the episode it was Justin’s Mumford and Sons record, Sigh No More. And speaking of no more signs, wherever you are, I’m forever grateful and wish you all the best in the coming Holiday Season.

Felices Fiestas !

Enjoy the journey, and make everyday a masterpiece.