“I did eventually find, that I preferred teaching to making furniture.”

~ David Charleseworth

David Charlesworth workbench

Hi Folks!

It’s good to be back on home soil,

smelling the salt water sea.

The grass and the trimmings, the Devon Hedges, pubs and chippy’s.

From Germany to Toronto, Toronto to Cape Breton,

back over the pond to England, and now back again in Cape Breton…

it’s been a busy 6 weeks!


This episode will hopefully capture my conversation with a great teacher.

Inspiring to say the least.

From Japanese inrō (印籠) boxes,

( a traditional Japanese case for holding small objects )

to James Krenov on inspiration and teaching.

With a mention on surfboards, marking gauges and finding the right space for a workshop.

This is the first part of my interview with David Charlesworth-

there is much more to come.