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Every Step an Artist

March 23, 2015

If I told you my story, and you told me yours,

what would be the common thread?


The creative process.

That’s the real magic.

That’s the reason we do this.

Even if we never made a dime –

the process of creating is our personal gift.

It’s the unmeasurable reward.

That’s the why

and that is the prize.

It’s not the finish line, it’s the race.

It’s the training and it’s the commitment.

It’s the early mornings and the late nights-

the passion and the struggle.

The dreaming and the wishing-

it’s the work we do along the way.

The finished painting is only ashes left behind from the sparks the painter made

when she/he felt inspired enough to start creating their masterpiece.

It’s this process alone that is the true art form.

The steps we take while we’re doing-

the moves we make as we create.

The journey is the destination.

That’s the sweet spot.

It’s not the paint we leave behind on the canvass, or the wood being held together with joints and glue-

no, for the artist, it’s the moment we’re struck with that magical impulse to create.

It’s the initial spark of inspiration-

and it’s every step along the way.

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