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Long shadows

Long shadows


“The secret of getting ahead is simply getting started.”

Easy enough to say,

but not so easy to do.

No one said it would be easy,

and just getting started is no different.

Give it a try-

go and get started…I’ll wait here.


All joking aside, it’s only when you get started, that you’ll ever get ahead.

Ahead of what?

Ahead of who?

Well that’s easy-

the secret of getting ahead is getting started-

and as soon as you get started, you’ll be ahead of where you are now.

That’s what moving forward is all about-

Remember, ” a rolling stone gathers no moss…”

it isn’t about me, or him or her or them.

It’s about you.




Experiencing new things and new ideas-

that’s a good thing!


So what’s my little secret?

Although it can be really difficult to get started, the truth is that once you get started,

things get a whole lot easier!

Give it a try,

I’ll wait right here~