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Heritage Door Update

November 15, 2010

This past week I was visiting a friend in Cabbagetown and finally had a chance to swing by and get some shots of the Heritage door installed. What can I say? It looks amazing ! (if I do say so myself)

This 160 lbs. quarter sawn white oak behemoth looks and functions as smooth as silk. The hardware and hinges really set it off and my clients didn’t spare any expenses when deciding on the right door handle and lock system. The three heavy duty barrel style hinges have ball bearings inside for smooth, trouble free use.

If you don’t remember the building of this one then search back through the posts…

back through the rough milling, the mortise and tenons that almost killed me ! ; )

those mouldings and all of the ‘rick-rack’

seeing it here again, finally hanging on this brownstone in this historic area of Toronto is almost surreal…did this thing really come out of my wood shop?

Damn straight it did!

here are a couple of shots- cheers!

A close up of the beautiful hardware installed. The hinges have heavy duty ball bearings to hold the weight of the door. You wouldn’t believe how smooth it functions!

I think this piece represents my finest work and it’s such a pleasure to see it here for decades of use.

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