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May 19, 2011

these are my Norton water stones I’ve been slowly wearing away to nothing over the last few years. I keep them flat and have never had a problem with them. The tool marks and water tracks left after use are like artwork.

I received this letter from a reader asking me about my experience with the Shapton Ceramic/Glass water stone products.


I was wondering what sharpening kit you use? I have the shapton glass-ceramic stones and although I love them I have gone through two of the 1000 grit stones in the last few years. Do you use or know anyone that use the professional shaptons? Thanks…

Unfortunately I’ve never used them but have heard that they work really, really well. Two 1000 grits in two years sounds like alot but maybe you do a ton of wood working.

I see how this system may be out of reach for some wood workers due to the expense of the lapping plate that keeps them running smoothly. But if value means what you get back from a tool and not how much the price tag says then these seem to be the bomb. From 1000 grit up to 30000 I think ?? I should go and check but keeping it short for today….

Some thoughts?

If the reader has gone through two 1000 grits I’d say use a less expensive method of removing that initial metal. Grind it, sand paper it, heavy grit oil stone what ever…there are cheap methods to get rid of metal.

To budget the sharpening kit try keeping the super fine ( and higher priced )  water stones for the sweet spots. Just for the final polish or maybe use the 1000 for the secondary bevel and a grinding wheel or coarse stone for the initial removal.

Well that’s my two cents…hey, it’s Thursday afternoon on May 2-4 wekend in Toronto.

I have classes all weekend ~ no rest for the wicked !

cheers and play safe where ever you’re at this weekend.

you know, just in case…… ( cue Science fiction  music)

; )

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