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May 18, 2012

Field Notes- National Crop Limited Edition

So before I even begin, let me say this post isn’t really wood working related. This is just me venting some thoughts on how cool I think Field Notes are.

Field Notes?

C’mon- you know.

Those little pocket ledgers that people, who still remember how to use writing utensils can sometimes be seen using away from their home office or place of work. The place you jot down ideas or sketch little sketches. Maybe a mental note or two, a doodle or really, what ever. Grocery list? Cut list? Hardware list? Sure, they all work.

So yeah, I think Field Notes are cool and this latest edition is the cat’s a**.

A product both I and my 6 and 7 year old kids can enjoy. My daughter already told me she wants the Neon Summer  Camp pack. That alone is reason enough to mention it.

Throw one in the tool chest.

My latest order is the National Crop, limited edition series. ” … a custom-boxed set of six notebooks paying tribute to America’s top six crops; corn, soybeans, hay, wheat, cotton and sorghum. ”

( yeah I know what you’re saying, what the hell is sorghum?)

Well not only did I get the six ledgers, but they come in this great little box with a badge and a poster and thrown into the parcel was a Field Notes calendar for the wood shop wall. Sweet!

Well, that’s all I really wanted to say- Field Notes. They’re cool.

Back to the bench!


This last shot is a little pocket, wood working book a friend gave me a few years back.

It’s  books like this that inspired the brand. I keep it close, just like my Field Notes-Cheers!


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