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Life’s Sweet Design

August 11, 2014

These are the days you find in the mind,

a path through the pages, a rhythm, a rhyme.

It slithers and sails,

fractures and binds,

shines like the diamonds in life’s sweet design.

Life's Sweet Design

Let’s taper the legs and plane through the wind,

unravel cathedrals, they’re smooth and they shine.

Push through the grain and chamfer the spine,

uncover the shades of life’s sweet design.

The sailor he sails, the joiner unwinds,

swim through the shallows and tread through the brine.

The salt water stings, the strand she defines-

staining the shore line of life’s sweet design.

Yes, these are the tales, some cruel and unkind

they’re maps through the ages, a rhythm, a rhyme.

Meet me out where the roses are wild,

the crab-apple brambles and the hay bales pile,

we’ll push through the rain and lengthen the line,

hit the tide running in life’s sweet design.

Life's Sweet Design- By Tom Fidgen 2014
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