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Made by Kindle

December 27, 2010

Made by Hand- Kindle edition

Here we are on the edge of a new year and what a year 2010 has been. I was just over visiting www.Amazon.com and noticed that Made by Hand-Furniture Projects from the Unplugged Woodshop is now available for Kindle.

What’s Kindle you ask?

(following text from Squidoo.com)

Kindle is a thin, lightweight, electronic reading device that you can take anywhere and download your favorite book, newspaper, or magazine. It was created by the net’s largest bookseller, Amazon.com. You can download from a library of over 300,000 books, as well as many top newspapers, magazines and even blogs. The kindle screen simulates paper, and you can read it even in bright sunlight with no glare whatsoever. It also costs much less to download a book to the kindle than to buy the book in a store. You typically save 60-70%. You can store over 1500 books in your kindle, so it has plenty of space, and if you decide to buy a newer version of the kindle in the future, you can transfer all of the books to your new Kindle.

Kind of funny isn’t it-

hand tools and wood

computers and kindles…        what a wonderful world it is .  

happy holidays everyone-  ; )

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