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Open Course

In this class, students of all levels will be able to create their own projects. Be it something you’ve seen in a magazine, an existing plan on the internet, or one of the furniture or tool projects from Tom’s books.
We will provide guidance to help you successfully complete your project. Maybe it’s a side table or a nightstand, a workbench or a tool chest. Whatever it is you’d like to build, our MakerSpace is a great way to get into woodworking and hand tools and create the project you’d like.
To get the most out of this class we encourage students who have not taken a class with us to take a Bootcamp Class or Intro To Hand Tools prior to attending. Please note this class is self-guided and you will be expected to have some familiarity and comfort with the tools and the process of woodworking.  

If you don’t have a project in mind, we’re happy to assist you with a project suitable for your level of experience.

Bench Rental

When our benches are not in use they are available for rent, at an hourly rate or longer term rates. We also have a Tool Rental option that allows you to use the tools in the shop while you are here. This is a great option if you don’t speciality joinery tools. $15/hour Bench Rentals (add Tool Rental for $10/hour)