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March 21, 2011

I just received a letter from Viktor in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada telling me how this bathroom cabinet stemmed from the sliding door portion of my sideboard project, Where the Hunters Heal.

The wood is actually Poplar.
The inlays are walnut.
The wood has been stained with a yellow aniline die, then sealed with shellaque and waxed.
Viktor said this finish was an error and he gets water stains and will have to address the issue.

Thanks again for the letter Viktor and nice job on the cabinet.


I bought your book last year, and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.
I also immediately recovered the cost of the book, because I pinched your sliding door design for the bathroom cabinet I was building. So I did not need to buy the fancy brass hardware I had had in mind.

The sliding door is actually ideal for the relatively confined space of the small bathroom. It also goes well with the nautical feel I wanted to give to the cabinet.
It is not “made by hand”; I am not a good enough wood worker for that. But I do use a lot of hand tools, and once the wood is dressed, it is really only the table saw and hand tools.
Thank you very much for a lovely and very useful book.


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