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In and Around the Woodshop
Sunday Sunrise

May 15, 2011

Now where did the week go again?

I know I have to write a post about the guitar set up but couldn’t steel a single hour so far.

The week, right.

It began at the bench with new hand tool ideas and designs dedicated to the sole purpose of working and sawing shop veneer;

‘real veneer’ as JK wrote.

The wood shop is in desperate need of an over haul and that starts at the work bench.

Four new designs for shop made hand tools and a new bench design to go along with it !

I’m just at the mock-up stages and getting things planned for September. September you may say is still 4 months away.

Well indeed it is but this is where it begins, on the page in form of an idea, an interest and then maybe a gut feeling.

Some trial and some error and then some more thoughts and scribbles to hash through.

; )

Suddenly I was into Wednesday and refurbishing two old panel saws destined for Wisconsin to have the final touches done by a professional. Two sweet old Disston saws, one rip and one cross cut.

Friday and Saturday came and with it a student from Montreal. He brought four large cans of Quebec Maple Syrup ! Giddy-up…

We spent two days in the shop covering everything from furniture pricing and one-man, work shop solutions to hands on sawing techniques and finished off with half blind dovetails.

Two days of Maple Syrup and then the play offs resuming again last night.

Hockey eh? What can I say?

I wouldn’t want to be waking up in Boston this morning…

Today is Sunday and  Nelson and I are working out some shelf and storage solutions for his Transformer collection and this evening I’ll be at Clinton’s Tavern here in Toronto playing my new album, a boy called fish front to back.

If you’re in the down town area this evening stop by for a pint.

It’s an early show starting at 8pm and I hear they have some good food there as well.

A review on Yelp says this:

“Another spot where vegetarians and meat-eaters can dine in harmony!”

Who can argue with that?


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