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Drawer fronts in solid walnut, with zebrawood veneer.



What is it that makes great furniture, great?

Why do some designs work better than others?

How can we push the limits and make our very best work?

Did Krenov, Maloof and Nagashima have a secret recipe?

A special sauce?

A sacred formula?

I think they simply took note of the world around them.


I think we all have the ability to do great work, but I also think there’s a few things we can do to help us along the way.

No secret recipe, just slowing down and taking notice of the world around us.

What works?

What’s missing?

What has been done a thousand times before and what hasn’t?

Is there a new way to do something?

Is there another way?

A better way?

Your way?


I believe the main thing that separates great work from good work is originality.

Krenov’s work looked like Krenov.

Maloof looked like Maloof, and Nagashima looked like Nagashima.

What was it they did differently?

They took note of the world around them and tried to make it better through their own unique voices and perspectives.

You can to-

But first you have to take note.