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Thank You – Ref ” Made By Hand”

March 30, 2011

I was on the Cc: portion of this email and wanted to share it with the other readers of Made by Hand
It’s always nice to hear when someone connects to the book –
more coming soon…
You may be wondering why I am thanking you for subject book that I purchased Sunday at the 20th Annual NWA Woodworkers Showcase from the Lie-Nielsen booth. I was finishing up from a tremendous weekend of lectures (Yup, I caught Chris’ “How to grind your tools” –  Great presentation, thorough preparation, no BS and much usable information, I could not get near him to say hi after presentation, as he was surrounded as a celebrity) and needed to purchase more tools from LN. As I was getting ready to pay my bill, for some unexplained reason I looked at ref book ( I have over 100 wood working books and don’t need any more according to my wife Christine). It was like 2005 when I saw Chris’s Roubo on the cover of your magazine and I just knew I had to build one and this was the feeling I had with Tom’s book.
I can not put it down even though I am finishing re-doing our master bathroom and building a Charles Brock Maloof inspired rocker. Tom has a gift for putting into words my deep seated feelings about working with wood beyond my ability of expressing myself.
He touches inspiration, pschological feelings and philosophy. During my long career with IBM and Lockheed Martin I used working wood as my therapy from the corporate world (even though I enjoyed my career) and Tom touches these deep seated feelings. He picks up from the basics of “Hand Tool Essentials” which I enjoyed and takes you to mystical place within yourself.
He acknowledges ” Working wood is truly a lifetime spent learning, one labor of love with the wood full of secrets” and in his acknowledgements gives you three much credit for making this project a realty.
Especially Megan and David, I did not know this was in Megan’s job code. I look forward to building many of the projects and build on the basics that Chris has provided me in blended wood working. So I say “You Dun Gud” in bringing this important work to fruition and Thank You.
Ches Spencer
Nichols, New York
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