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A Card Catalogue
A Card Catalogue – Part Four

August 31, 2014

After two amazing months on the East Coast, we’re finally back in the city.

For better or worse, the summer came and went,

and now we’re gearing up for one of our busiest Fall & Winter seasons to date!

My short list looks a little like this –

The long list involves some new furniture projects for the Member Site,

along with some workshop appliances and stations.

Private Classes resume in October.

Because of the high-demand ( and my insane Fall schedule )

there’s currently a three month back-log unless you have flexible hours.

Follow the link and get in touch – we’ll work something out for you!

Another big/fun/exciting project will be setting up a space in the new shop for some serious hand tool crafting!

I’ll be picking the brains of a few acquaintances, who just happen to be some of the finest hand tool makers on the planet !

A limited run of UW hand tools will be available, from Sawyer’s Benches to Hand Planes, Leather Tool Totes and Tool Chests.

Full details about the new tools will be posted in October, so stayed tuned…

There’s also a quick road trip to Ottawa in late September for the WOODWORKS 2014 Conference.

Garrett Hack, Chris Schwarz, Ron Barter, Mark Harrell, Linda Manzer and Konrad Sauer.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Looks like I’ll be up to my eyeballs in hand tools, wood working and an unplugged life until New Years~[/inlinetweet]  ( Tweet that !! ; )

Cutting a rabbet into one of the drawer runners.

For today, the last of August,

we’re getting back to the Card Catalogue, and I’m happy to share this fourth video with you !

In the previous video post, I made the grooves on the inside of the carcase and installed the three main stretchers.

Now it’s time for the rear stretchers and drawer runners.

These were all made from secondary wood ( poplar ) as they’re not seen in the finished piece.

Lots of parts, lots of rabbets, and lots of tenons.

If you’re looking for a fun project that will give you a great framework of joinery practices,

this may be the one for you~

Clear labels and a clean work area will also help you keep things in order.

I’ll break out some more details later this week, but for now,

enjoy part four of A Card Catalogue.


The songs in this video were written and recorded for my beyond before’ album released in 2002.

The first tune is called ‘Robbery Song‘ and the second is ‘A Little Less’.

Both were co-produced with my friend Douglas September.

The electric Fretless bass on the second track was played by Scott Brown and is a perfect blend for the feel of this tune.

Some of the tools I used in the video are:

Low-Angle Jack Plane

Dual Marking Gauge

Bad Axe Backsaws

Dead-Blow Mallet

Skew Rabbet Plane

Large Shoulder Plane

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