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Bad Axe Tool Works Dovetail Saws

Meet Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp, two of the new ‘open handled‘ dovetail saws from Bad Axe Tool Works.

If you’ve been reading my blog here you may already know about the new Bad Axe dovetail saws. They’ve been in the works for the past year or so and it’s no secret Mark Harrell and I have been fans of each others work for a few years now.  If you click through the ‘Hand Saws’ tab over there in the sidebar you’ll find exactly what I’m talking about.  What makes a ‘perfect’ dovetail saw?

Look back at some posts and read through the discussion groups on the social bag trains and you’ll see how every detail was considered and the time and energy that has gone into these two back saws is truly remarkable. ( no pun intended ? )

What immediately and honestly sets these two saws apart is that Mark Harrell didn’t look at what everyone else was doing on the dovetail saw market nor did he open a history book and copy something from a dead wood worker. No sir, low and behold Mark asked people like you and I what we wanted in a dovetail saw and then got down to business and made it. Then he made it again and again until he perfected it.

This is hands down the best working dovetail saw I’ve ever used.

Seriously, I can’t find a thing I’d change about them, and let’s face it, I can be picky about good design and hand tools.

These two models are priced at $195.  and $210. and that is an absolute bargain for an artisan quality hand saw that will quite literally last for generations of wood work.

A working wood shop, dovetail saw that looks and performs like a boutique model.

As fine as fine could be.

For balls on accuracy, speed and performance, with two sizes available, these are an investment in quality.

10″ and 12″ saw plates available in .015 or  .018 plate thickness with all of the options we know Bad Axe delivers.

I’m going to put these through some serious work on a daily basis over the next six months and I’ll be sharing all the details as I go.

Visit the Bad Axe website for ordering details.



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