I’m back on the East Coast after a great trip to Ottawa, where I was visiting the fine folks at Veritas/Lee Valley Tools.

They have some exciting news coming your way in mid-September and I’ll share all the details with you at that time.

All I will say is that it’s a real game changer! -; )

Today, I’m happy to be sharing the final video in the Gentleman’s Valet series.

This was the first furniture project I made, way back in the winter of 2011,

when I started writing, designing ( and building ) the projects for The Unplugged Woodshop.

It became the cover photo for the book, and probably stands out from the rest as THE project to make.


The Gentleman's Valet

The Gentleman’s Valet


The video begins with mixing my shellac and pre-finishing all the parts.

( Something I try to do whenever possible. )

The shellac is applied using a rubber, which is nothing more than a small ball of cheesecloth, wrapped up in a soft rag.

You’ll see how I made mine in the video.

The rubber is “charged” with the shellac and the finish is rubbed out.

A light sanding with 320 grit paper between each coat, until the finish is built-up to my liking.

I encourage you to try this piece using stable solid wood, or if you’re up to the task,

do as I did and make a solid-core substrate for the panels.

It’s also a great project to try some decorative embellishments.

Inlay, carving and/or marquetry would all work in a piece like this.

It packs a ton of hand tool skills into a relatively small footprint, and is easy to incorporate your own style and design elements.

I hope you enjoy this final video and make sure to share it if you like it !

Until next time,

thanks for watching~




The music is this video is a miss-mash of tones and samples I found suitable for the scene.

A little noodling on the six string and some ambient sounds seemed to make a nice sound scape.

Some of the tools I used in the video are:

Dowel and Tenon Centers

Hand Countersink

Expansible Dowel Pins