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The Gentleman’s Valet – Part Three

June 5, 2014

Here, in this third video of the Gentleman’s Valet series,

we’ll get into the slow, and more refined stages of drawer making.

This video isn’t about how-to cut dovetails, nor will it show you how to apply cock-beading around the drawer face,

or even how to inlay banding on the drawer front. ( we’ll get into all of those topics in due time…)

No, this clip will hopefully demonstrate that hand tools are all about precision.

A perfectly fit drawer front. This doesn’t happen by accident.

There is no rush.

No hurry.

No stress.

Just the deliberate process of a perfectly planed, piston-fit drawer.

That begins with dimensioning the drawer parts, and there aren’t any secrets to the process.

Yes, there are indeed some tips and techniques, and I’ll be happy to share some of those with you in later posts,

but this video will show you the steps involved in fitting the drawer parts before any joinery is started.

We see it written all the time, in wood working books and magazines, as well as other how-to videos online,

“…dimension the parts and lay out the joinery…”

Hell, I’m guilty of this myself.

It’s the bit about -dimension the parts-  that so often gets glossed over.

The reality is, this is the most important part of the job!

It isn’t the dovetails, or the cock-bead, or the inlay work-

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]This is what determines a piston-fit drawer, and this is the part that most people miss.[/inlinetweet]  ( Tweet that )

Slow down, take your time, and let   ~   every   ~   shaving   ~   count   ~

You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video.

As always, I’ll break out some details in later posts- but until then,

enjoy part three of the Gentleman’s Valet!


Again, some background music to soothe the mood behind the delicate process of fitting drawer parts.

If it isn’t your cup of tea, then turn the volume down.

It’s really that simple.

I won’t mind.

And trust me, I’m not going to loose any sleep if you don’t like it.

I get comments on my YouTube channel from time to time, from viewers feeling the need to tell me they didn’t like the music. ??

If you like it, then great.

Maybe share it with a friend…

If you don’t, that’s OK too.

After writing and recording music for the past 25 years, I know full well that you can’t please everyone.

And that’s perfectly fine with me~

Some of the tools used in this video are:

Bad Axe Backsaws

Low-Angle Jack Plane

Striking Knife

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