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The Good Dr.’s Medicine Chest – Part Four

April 3, 2014

In my last video post, The Good Dr.’s Medicine Chest Part Three,

the carcase panels were rabbeted in such a way that it left a small 1/8-in. void at the corners of the assembled boxes.

This void was filled with walnut banding and making this banding is what we’ll cover in this new video.

Using the Kerfing plane to saw thin strips of walnut banding


Once again, the kerfing plane and frame saw combo were utilized for this application.

As you’ll see when you watch the video,

an 8/4 piece of walnut is dimensioned and the adjustable fence kerfing plane is set to take a 1/4-in. cut.

The kerf is sawn, around the perimeter of the walnut, and then the frame saw is used to rip the stock.

This first piece is smoothed on the planing board ( a simple workbench appliance dedicated to planing thin stock )

and then clamped flat in the tail vise and the kerfing plane is used to rip the stock further into banding.

The surface of the main piece is smoothed again and the process is repeated.

This technique was used to make all of the banding for the medicine chest;

1/2, 1/4 and 1/8-in. banding were possible using this method.

Making banding is a great example of the kerfing plane allowing new techniques and possibilities in the hand tool only woodshop.

Sawing consistently thin, 1/8-in. banding is a task that isn’t easy with a standard handsaw-

the stock being so thin, makes it difficult to hold onto and saw, with any degree of accuracy.

The kerfing plane made this job easy, accurate and repeatable.

Once sawn, the banding is fine tuned on the shooting board.

You’ll see I used a backer strip to hold the 1/8-in. banding in place while I dress the sides. ( approx. 5:46 of the video )


How would you make 1/8-in. banding in your own shop?

Would you be able to saw thin strips or would you use a combination of saw and hand plane?

I’d love to hear your thoughts- leave me some comments below.

Until next time, enjoy the Good Dr.’s Medicine Chest Part Four.



The music in this video is a few loops I tied together one morning two years ago.

They’re mostly stock samples direct from Garage Band- nothing too fancy, but a suitable soundtrack for this clip.

Some of the tools used in the video are:

Low Angle Jack Plane

Precision Double Square

Pocket Rule

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