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Try Something

September 1, 2014

Have you ever tried freehand sharpening?

Have you ever attempted to saw hounds-tooth dovetails?

Have you tried wood turning?

How about on a Treadle lathe?

Have you ever tried inlay work or marquetry?

Have you ever made a laminated table top?

How about drilling a 3/4-in. hole through a slab of 8/4 maple with a brace and bit?

Have you ever tried resawing a piece of hardwood with a frame saw you made yourself?

Have you ever worked with hot hide glue before?

How about hammer veneering?

What about making a full scale drawing or a model of a furniture project you’ve considered building?

Here’s my advice to you on anything you haven’t tried yet.

Try it.

Try them all.

Try something new.

Tomorrow when you wake up – try something new.

I’m not saying you’ll have immediate success, or that you’ll enjoy it enough to want to do it again;

all I’m saying is you should try something new.

And if it doesn’t work out?

So what.

It’s no big deal.

At least you tried.

Try something. 

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