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Turner Needed…

March 23, 2011

I received a letter from Dave in Whitehorse, YT asking me about the 5 drawer side table you’ll find a few photos of in the Gallery section of Made by Hand.

The table design is kind of a ‘country-cousin‘ of one by Garrett Hack with the most obvious difference being the legs. In Hack’s version they were turned, in my own they’re tapered. I actually like the turned look better but simply didn’t have the skills at the time of building.

So a long story longer- Dave asked me about the legs and the turnings and it seems he’s in the market to have someone out there turn him up some legs.

If you’re interested in the gig then leave a comment below.

Here is Dave’s letter- cheers !

Hi Tom

I’m interested in the 5 drawer table you have a corner of in your gallery.  Interested in building one that is.  Is this the same (sort of) table I’ve seen pictures of built by Garrett Hack in some FWW magazine?  Sorry I forgot the issue number and it’s out in my shop.  I just found a link here,  http://www.finewoodworking.com/Gallery/GalleryImage.aspx?id=5102 , on the FWW Website.

…My question is do you have a full picture on your site?  I’m trying to decide on tapered legs like yours or turned legs like Hack’s.  I’m leaning towards the turned legs, but I have a bowl lathe, not a long enough bed, and I’m crap at spindle turning (and to be honest, terrified of the skew).  I’m in Whitehorse, YT, and can’t seem to find a spindle turner here.

(If you know of a turner who might want the job I’ll be in Toronto early June…

Thanks for the time.


***if you’re interested please leave info in comment section below.***

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