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Unplugged in the Channel Islands

November 28, 2014

I received a letter from a reader this morning in the Channel Islands and thought I’d share it with you.

Now where are the Channel Islands you ask?

In the English Channel of course! ( Just off the Coast of Normandy )

Stuart made himself a Frame Saw and Kerfing Plane following the plans in my book, The Unplugged Woodshop.

He made a few modifications and I think he did a fantastic job.

Thanks again for sharing these Stuart-

I hope you’re able to get that stock re-sawn!


I love the wall hangers for the Frame Saw- I may have to borrow that idea~; )

Frame Saw

Frame Saw

Hi Tom

I’m a recent convert to the unplugged way of life. A little while ago I picked up various hardwood offcuts from a local mill. I wanted to use them to practice joinery on, and maybe make a small box or two. Unfortunately they are quite thick and so they need to be re-sawn. I searched around the internet for the best way to do this by hand, and I came across your Kerfing Plane and Frame Saw videos. I then bought your book and have just finished making both tools (photos attached).

I had to work with what I had, no quartersawn stock I’m afraid, but I was able to make do. The Frame Saw is made from walnut and maple and the Kerfing Plane from walnut and cherry. The Bad Axe plates were out of my price range, but I was able to source a narrower plate online for the Frame Saw, and I used a beat up tenon saw for the Kerfing Plane. I had to re-cut the teeth but I wasn’t sure what size to make them. On your website you say 8ppi but your book says 5ppi. I went for 6ppi as I already had a template for that, and it matches the teeth on the frame saw. It seems to work fine.

The only deviation from your design that I made was to drill a small depression in the Frame Saw’s wear plate, to locate the tensioning bolt. It had a tendency to wander otherwise.

Many thanks for your videos and website. I’m looking forward to attempting the Sawyer’s Bench next.

All the best



Channel Islands

Kerfing Plane

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