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Unplugged on Gerrard St East

October 17, 2018

1028 Gerrard St East


Top of the morning to you!

Have you been strolling down your favourite block on Gerrard St East and noticed our new sign in the window with our Fall Class Schedule posted?

Perhaps you were doing a random search for Woodworking Classes in Toronto and stumbled onto our humble little area of internet woodworking?

Whatever path you came from, we’re happy you’re here and interested in woodworking. ( we are too )

What makes us a little different than the rest?

Hand tools.

And what do I mean by hand tools?

No power. Notta. Nothing. None.

Everything we do here is through the energy in our body. By hand and heart…. Sweat equity.

If you like the sound of that and would like to do more- sign up now!


Most of our classes fill up so if you’d like to get started before the snow starts to fly, check out the schedule and book the babysitter.

Be it a project class or an evening of spoon carving, maybe you’d prefer to learn how to cut dovetails or just some basic introductory steps into hand tools, we have something for everyone.

If you’re curious and would like to find out more, stop by the new location and see what we’re all about.

Thanks for the interest.




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