Well here we are, already the end of July, already halfway through our summer vacation.

It’s been an amazing month filled with lots of much needed rest and relaxation.

I haven’t been doing too much in the way of wood work,

but I have managed to finally get a start on another new project you’ll be hearing about in September if all goes well.

If you enjoy my blog, books and videos, I think you’ll be very excited about this new project.

Details are coming soon!!


Toolchests and saw satchel.

Toolchests and saw satchel.


I’m currently en route, back to civilization,

getting ready to jump on a plane tomorrow for a quick trip to Ottawa to visit Veritas/Lee Valley Tools.

From there, it’s back here, to the East Coast, where I’m teaching next week at the Lee Valley store in Halifax.

On Friday, August 8th, I’m teaching a class on the Fundamentals of Hand Tools 

and on Saturday, August 9th, it’s the Fundamentals of Joinery. ( this class is now Sold Out )

If you’re in the Halifax area, come by and say hello!


In other YouTube news, I’ll be posting the final instalment of the Gentleman’s Valet  when I get back from Ottawa, from there,

it’ll be the Card Catalogue – the final project from the Unplugged Woodshop book.

This is a mammoth, 20 part video series I think you’ll enjoy.

Until then, enjoy your summer !



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