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In and Around the Woodshop
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April 28, 2011

Sorry for the delay in postings, I was getting an error through the blog set-up here in Word Press and was off-line the past week give or take…

so much happening here around the woodshop I’ll need to catch up in a later, longer entry but for now I finally got a shot of a piece I made in October..ish, November? ( all a blur now-.)

war drobe- cherry, walnut, curly maple, aromatic cedar. a practical storage solution in a small space.

The war-drobe over wintered well in this 5th floor inner-city condo.

Humidity changes alone can wreak havoc on solid panels especially large ones like this. I’m happy to say this one over wintered exceptionally well.

the door and drawer faces were a design challenge – large cuts of solid maple hanging like a cedar shingle on the side of a barn, allowed to move to a certain extent. A light cherry frame inside made from straight solid wood. The solid walnut slabs on the two outside doors are also fit inside the opening and have lots of room to do what they’ll do – The use of the design on a day to day living arrangement is working out quite well I’m told by my clients and the fact they still live there in this tiny square footage is something to be said in itself.

Living in a small space… their story may be getting some press somewhere I’m told but I don’t know any details..we’ll keep you posted if they come around.

For today, here’s a quick iPhone shot … if you look closely at the war drobe, the second maple door panel from the bottom , center is curving the slightest bit outwards on its lower right hand corner. That is the only movement we could find.

I’m going to fix a simple mechanical cleat on the inside of the door to draw the corner into the inner frame and elongate the screw hole to accommodate the wood movement through the summer and back into next winter. those table top, hold down brackets will work great- i think Lee Valley carries them?

Southern Ontario has some pretty interesting weather fluctuations both seasonally and hourly like today can be like watching a strange science fiction movie. Heavy thunder storms one minute, sunny skies the next..amazing..almost as if someone could have possibly effected it ?

Well would you look at the time- gotta run -; )

lots on the horizon, new web site developments and a new book project…lots to do and talk about soon-

thanks for reading.

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