Shaping a coopered door. Week four of the Artisan Program.


Top of the morning to you~

It’s the 2nd of September and that means the Unplugged Woodshop Artisan Program is only six-weeks away.


Follow this link and register now.

In the meantime, here’s a bit of information to help with your planning.

Kind of a Frequently Asked Questions area.

To begin, Toronto is a big city with a lot of rental and housing options, here are a few examples of what I found through a Google search this morning:
Here’s an old Hotel I found in Mississauga. Students would need to commute across the city, but it could be a possibility for students on a budget.
Some past students found short term student rentals here in the East end of the city which is convenient as the school is located in Leslieville, on the corner of Dundas st East and Carlaw ave.
Follow this link for more details:


If you’re doing a quick web search, here’s our address to copy and paste:

388 Carlaw Ave.

Toronto, ON

M4M 2T4

The Artisan Program begins on October 9th and classes begin at 9am.
Students may arrive anytime after 8am if it suits their morning schedules and routines.
The building where we’re located offers monthly parking passes for about $95. a month. That works out best if you plan to drive to school everyday.
Alternate daily options would be on the street ( Green PParking ) or in nearby parking lots which usually run around $15. per day.
The TTC is our local transit system and it’s extremely easy and convenient to use. They also offer monthly passes.
The Gerrard st East streetcar stops at the North side of our building and a block South is the Queen st East streetcar. Both run East/West across the entire city and may be a good option. The subway is faster depending on how far you’re travelling, you can grab a bus from the Pape Subway Station to the corner directly in front of the school.
Today’s currency exchange rate is: 
$1 United States Dollar equals
$1.30 Canadian Dollar
Sep. 2, 2:10 p.m. UTC
This can be helpful information when planning a budget!
There are many options for food and restaurants around the school as well as a fridge, coffee maker, microwave and dining area at the UW. Students are more than welcome to use them while they’re here.
Most of our students and instructors usually go out for lunch on Wednesdays.
All tools and materials you’ll need for the course is covered in the tuition and we offer payment plans and options if need be.
The school stays open a few evenings per week as well as on Saturdays for other weekly classes.
Students are welcome to spend additional time at the UW after regular classes end and if any of our other weekly classes aren’t already sold out, they can attend them as well for no additional charge.
**Our Fall weekly class schedule will be posted here later this week.
We also have a full library of woodworking books that you’re allowed to borrow while you’re attending Programs and if there’s any woodworking topic or technique outside the current curriculum you’d like to learn more about, we can discuss during one of our Friday afternoon socials, when students and instructors get together, maybe to have a “refreshing beverage” or two, and talk about the school week, details of the courses, hand tools, work, life, travel, whatever!
Attending the UW should be as enjoyable as possible, but our full-time courses will challenge and reward you as well. These 10 week Programs will literally change your life and I don’t say that lightly.
If you have any other questions, comments or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out.
I hope to see you in October!
Thanks for reading~