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Woodworking Classes in Toronto

July 11, 2022

Fall 2022.

The 2022 Fall semester of “hand tool only” woodworking classes in Toronto is now Open for Registration. Join us for a Saturday Bootcamp, an evening class or a week long course this Autumn. Our classes are technique based where you’ll learn the fundamental skills for building furniture using only hand tools.

Dimensioning wood by hand. Cutting mortise and tenon joinery. Dovetails and finishing. In our day-long Bootcamps you’ll discover the tools and the skills to do this work yourself. Age old techniques for the modern home workshop.

If spoon carving or green woodworking is more your style, check out Greenwood Wednesday’s. For three consecutive Wednesday evenings you’ll learn and practice green woodworking skills. You’ll even get a FREE Mora knife!

If you’d prefer a class “for women by women”, then our Introduction to Woodworking for Women is for you!

For students who have the time and the desire for full-time training, the Artisan Program is a great place to begin. Monday to Friday from 9-4pm, full time classes for ten weeks. This program will change the way you work and think about wood and hand tools.

All of the classes and courses are now open for registration. The winter semester won’t begin until January of 2023 so don’t delay! Join me this Fall of 2022 for hand tool woodworking classes in Toronto.


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