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November 10, 2010

Hello to all out there in wood land- just a quick note to say I’ve started a new Tom Fidgen Music blog over at www.tomfidgen.com for anyone interested. I thought it would be a little too crowded and/or confusing trying to maintain both topics here so the blogger platform will be an easy way to post new information regarding my music career and upcoming album- ‘a boy called fish’.

I’m still working wood and developing new designs both for the work shop and the living spaces. I’ll continue to post my thoughts on design, joinery techniques as well as any new hand tools on the market that peak my interest and find their ways int my hands. Things like dovetail saws from the Wisconsin area (wink, wink- nudge-nudge) Thanks for all of the fantastic support and stay tuned….

ps…be sure to check out the new blog when you can and I always appreciate feedback- I’ll be posting sound clips as soon as I get ’em…and when the new album is ready- you can be sure the friends of the unplugged woodshop will get the first listen. Cheers!

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